Deputy FM Whbee will meet with Romanian and Hungarian officials during a four-day visit designed to strengthen bilateral relations.

(Communicated by MFA Spokesperson)

Deputy Foreign Minister Majalli Whbee left this morning for a four-day working visit to Bucharest, capital of Romania, and Budapest, capital of Hungary. Hungary and Romania are both members of the European Union.

In Romania, Deputy FM Whbee will meet with the new Foreign Minister, Mr. Lazar Comanescu, who was appointed a month and a half ago, and with the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Ms. Raduta Dana Matache. He will also meet with the President of the Jewish community, Mr. Aurel Vainer. Mr. Whbee will also give a lecture to researchers at the Romanian diplomatic institute.

In Hungary, Mr. Whbee will meet with Foreign Minister Dr. Kinga Goencz and with senior Foreign Ministry officials and visit the Parliament in Budapest. Together with the mayor of Budapest and Israeli Ambassador Aliza Ben-Nun, the Deputy Foreign Minister will dedicate an Israeli photographic exhibit in the center of the Hungarian capital, in honor of Israel’s 60th anniversary of independence.

During his visit, Deputy FM Whbee will strive to upgrade Israel’s relations with the European Union in general and with its capital cities in particular. Hungary and Romania both support the strengthening of ties with Israel. Mr. Whbee will brief his hosts on the current status of negotiations with the Palestinians and the Syrians. He is also expected to urge them to join international efforts to pressure Teheran concerning the nuclear issue, support for terror and Holocaust denial.