The attack on the Chabad house was deliberate.

 Excerpt from briefing by FM Livni on events in Mumbai


Chabad house in Mumbai after terror attack (Photo: Zaka)

"During the past days the entire world, and we in Israel, have witnessed a murderous terror attack in India. There is no doubt that among the targets chosen by the terrorists were Jewish and Israeli targets, which are viewed as Western.

The world is under attack, and it makes no difference whether it takes place in India or elsewhere. There are extremist Islamic elements who do not accept our existence and do not accept the values of the Western world. Only when such events occur do the leaders of the world understand that we are all partners in the same battlefield. It is sad that such bloodshed is required to remind some world leaders of this fact. Some live with this understanding, and some wake up on such a morning and suddenly understand that we are the target – we meaning not only Israel, but the entire Western world.

This attack was carried out by a little-known local organization which claimed responsibility several months ago for another attack in India. The Chabad house in Mumbai is located at the end of an alley, and it is clear that it was chosen as a target. I understand that also those terrorists who attacked the hotels were looking for tourists of American, British and Israeli citizenship. This was a deliberate attack."