Hamas does not want peace; Hamas uses the residents of Gaza as hostages.

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

In an interview to Al-Jazeera:

"Whoever wants peace in the region, with a two-state solution, must understand that we must fight terror and extremism. Confronting Hamas is the only way for the Palestinians to enjoy a good life in a country of their own. Israel wants peace, and must operate against the Hamas in order to achieve this. By showing one-sided footage from Gaza, you are not helping to promote peace. I understand that provocative images arouse people’s rage and hostility, but we want to achieve a better future for this region. Hamas does not want peace; Hamas uses the residents of Gaza as hostages. Israel proposes a vision of peace, while Hamas proposes a vision of war. Peace with Israel and calm in the region can only be achieved by dialogue. This situation cannot continue. Hamas, Iran and Hizbullah are enemies of the free world."

In response to questions by the foreign press regarding the killing of a woman and children in the Gaza Strip:

"I am well aware that the loss of a child is unbearable for every mother, regardless of nationality. However, there is a fundamental difference. When Israel strikes at Hamas, it makes every attempt to avoid civilian casualties. Hamas actively targets children; it targets kindergartens and schools, as well as civilians – because this conforms with its extremist values. Our own values are completely different. There is no point in placing Israel and Hamas in the same moral equation. We strike at Hamas, who use civilians as human shields; Hamas deliberately targets civilians. Hamas does not care what happens to the residents of Gaza."