"The response to the attacks from Gaza is uncompromising warfare against terrorism."

 FM Livni addresses the Russian Diplomatic Academy in Moscow


Israel FM Livni meets with Russian FM Sergei Lavrov in Moscow (Photo: Reuters)

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni, addressing the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy in Moscow (Thursday, January 17, 2008), stated that: "Israel is committed to its citizens, and must respond to the daily attacks from Gaza. The response is uncompromising warfare against terrorism from Gaza, and not only through dialogue and negotiation. It must be clear that when speaking of both parts of the Palestinian state – Gaza and the West Bank – the situation in Gaza must change."

With regard to the Iranian situation, FM Livni said: "Iran’s destructive ideology is not connected to Israel, but to deep extremist religious foundations. The combination of this ideology with attempts to obtain nuclear weapons and violation of international treaties, and fear of a domino effect on the region obligates the world to translate its declarations into actions. If the world does not deal with Iran, the situation and the rules of the game are likely to change."