FM Livni issued a Foreign Ministry certificate that enables citizens to sue the Palestinian Authority for involvement in terrorism.

Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Livni has decided that the Palestinian Authority does not enjoy immunity from prosecution in Israel in the 55 cases filed against the PA for, inter alia, involvement in terrorist attacks. On 16 March, Ehud Keinan, the Foreign Ministry’s Legal Advisor, submitted to the State Attorney’s Office Foreign Ministry certificates that make it possible to prosecute 55 different cases against the PA.

In a judgment delivered in July 2007, the Supreme Court confirmed the decision of the District Court, that the question of the immunity from prosecution of the PA, which is not a sovereign state, was a matter to be determined by a Foreign Ministry certificate. 

The certificates submitted by the Foreign Ministry established that the PA does not enjoy immunity from prosecution in the cases pending before the court. Accordingly, the court may proceed with these cases.