(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

The IDF and Civil Administration are preparing for the high school final examinations period in the Palestinian Authority (A-Tuhigi), by maximizing freedom of movement to Palestinian examinees and educators in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem during the examination and paper-marking period – June 9 to July 15.

Examinees will be carrying certificates indicating their address, exam location, and the name of the school in which their exams will be held. Palestinian Ministry of Education staff and regional supervisors will be given special permits of movement.

Security forces in Judea and Samaria were guided to act with utmost sensitivity during the examinations period in order to ensure they are completed successfully. The presence of Civil Administration personnel will be augmented to provide on-the-spot solutions to difficulties that may arise, and the IDF and Civil Administration, along with the Palestinian Police, have arranged the deployment of 800 Palestinian Policemen. Ministry of Education bureaus, where the examination marking process will be concentrated, will be secured at all times.

A Civil Administration officer entrusted with education stated that: "The Civil Administration and the IDF recognize the importance of a proper examination procedure, in conjunction with the recent general easing of restrictions in the region. Thus, the preparation, as in previous years, has been planned and executed in a highly comprehensive manner."

On June 8 the IDF announced the removal of ten road blocks from the area of southern Hebron.