(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

The IDF Chief Rabbi, Brigadier General Rabbi Avichai Ronski, received all the information that is in the possession of the Israeli security forces and the Intelligence Branch, as to the status of the kidnapped soldiers: Sergeant 1st Class Ehud Goldwasser and Staff Sergeant Eldad Regev.

The IDF Chief Rabbi began the process at the end of which he will determine the status of the kidnapped soldiers.

The IDF Chief Rabbi is the expert Jewish religious official in this field and is expected to review the information transferred to him as well as consult with various religious officials before reaching a decision.

The Head of the IDF Human Resource Branch, Major General Eliezer Stern, informed the families of the kidnapped soldiers of the process and promised to update them, thus any new information or decisions made will be first and foremost revealed to them.