Haim Dotan Architects head the group of architects, designers and engineers who have been chosen to design and construct the Israeli pavilion at EXPO 2010, which will be held in Shanghai, China.

 MFA chooses design for Israeli pavilion at EXPO 2010 


Architectural simulation of the proposed Israeli pavilion for EXPO 2010

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)

On Sunday 2 November 2008, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared the group headed by Haim Dotan Architects as the winner of the tender to plan, design and construct of the Israeli national pavilion at the EXPO 2010 exhibition, to be held in Shanghai, China.

Twenty-three groups of designers, architects and exhibition management companies participated in the tender, in a process which lasted for five months. The winning pavilion will encompass 1800 square meters, and has a production budget of NIS 21 million. The pavilion will exhibit the scope of Israeli capabilities and achievements under the title: "Innovation for Life". A special MFA work group conceived a message of constant innovation, which was adapted to Israeli branding aspirations, with special emphasis the positioning of Israel in the Chinese market.

EXPO exhibitions are considered the international economic and cultural "Olympics". The 226 exhibits at the prestigious exposition in Shanghai in 2010 will deal with issues such as the quality of life in an urban environment, within the framework of the subject "Better City – Better Life". 70 million visitors are projected during the six months it will be open.

Architect Haim Dotan collaborated with designer Prosper Amir in the design of the artistic concept. Dotan is considered a man of vision and a pioneer in the field that is rapidly invigorating the futuristic architectural design for residential, business, industrial and institutional buildings in Israel. Team members include leading Israeli professionals who have international experience and a stellar reputation for planning and constructing innovative projects.

The Israeli pavilion is of an innovative design representing dialogue, momentum and penetration. The building is comprised of two entwined and united architectural bodies built of stone and glass, offering a different view from every angle, day and night. The intertwined bodies represent dialogues of man-to-nature, man-to-man, and people-to-people. The internal display spaces are amorphous, ascending upwards to symbolize the spirituality of the ancient and modern Jewish people.

 MFA chooses design for Israeli pavilion at EXPO 2010 

The artistic exhibits were created in accordance with the architectural structure, focusing on the dialogue between tradition and innovation, while creating a meeting point of Jewish and Chinese culture. Israel’s leading innovations and technological developments will be exhibited in a spectacular multi-media show, using the most up-to-date presentation equipment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects that the central location of the Israeli pavilion at EXPO 2010 will allow the Israeli exhibit to compete successfully for the attention of the visitors, despite a long list of ostentatious national exhibits. The character, the content and special building of the Israeli display in Shanghai will demonstrate the possibilities of joining Israeli knowledge with China’s developmental requirements, and bestow an enriching experience on the many visitors expected to visit the pavilion, which in turn will contribute to the strengthening of Israel and China’s cultural and economic relations.