Following the Government’s 30 November 2008 decision regarding the release of Palestinian prisoners as a gesture to the Palestinian Authority on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the Ministerial Prisoner Release Committee met this morning.

The Committee approved the release of 230 Palestinian prisoners, without "blood on their hands." They are identified with Fatah and the fronts and are serving sentences of varying lengths in Israeli prisons.

The list of prisoners was prepared by professional elements in the Justice Ministry and the security establishment.

* * *

(Communicated by the Israel Prison Service)
14 December 2008

In continuation of the decisions of the Government and the Ministerial Prisoner Release Committee, 227 security prisoners will be released tomorrow morning (Monday), 15 December 2008, following completion of the necessary identification, checks and signatures: 209 prisoners will be transferred from the Ofer Prison to the Beituniya checkpoint at 09:30; the remaining 18 will be transferred from Shikma Prison to the Erez checkpoint. Coverage details will be issued separately.