Wounded Palestinian receives treatment from IDF

 Palestinians associated with Fatah allowed entry into Israel


(Photo: IDF Spokesperson)

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesperson)

Approximately 180 Palestinians, including 22 injured men, were allowed temporary entry into Israel during the afternoon and evening on Saturday, August 2.

The Palestinians, associated with the Fatah movement, some of whom were armed, arrived on Saturday afternoon at a point near the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip, asking to enter Israel after being threatened by Hamas gunmen who were pursuing them. The IDF allowed the Palestinians to enter Israel after they were disarmed and laid down their weapons.

The Palestinians who were granted entry into Israel will be transferred to another location in order to receive medical treatment and provide further information on the events preceding their escape. Further measures to handle the situation will be decided in due course.

The entry of the Palestinians was a humanitarian gesture coordinated with and authorized by the Israeli political echelon.

Following meetings held throughout the day by the IDF and the security establishment, the IDF is preparing to transfer the rescued Fatah operatives to the Ramallah area.

On Sunday (August 3), at the request of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad who took responsibility for their security, the IDF began returning the Fatah members to the Gaza Strip. Israeli authorities halted the process, however, as they received information that they were being arrested by Hamas and that their lives were in immediate danger.

Minister of Defense Ehud Barak ordered an immediate re-evaluation of the situation and direct discussions with Palestinian officials in order to convince them to allow the refugees entry to the Ramallah area instead. The head of the Defense Ministry’s Bureau for Security and Diplomacy, Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amos Gilad, consulted with the Palestinian Prime Minister and the civil administration and started to coordinate the process.

The IDF, in cooperation with the Civil Administration, is helping 85 Fatah members relocate to Jericho, after fleeing to Israel from the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, which threatened their lives. This humanitarian passage is taking place as agreed upon between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority.