Last June, we decided on the calm agreement; we did so with more than a few doubts and hesitations. The State of Israel has always hoped for and wanted quiet for the residents of the south and that they should enjoy genuine calm and be free of the threat of unceasing Kassam and mortar attacks that have disrupted life in the south for a very long period. Naturally, we also wanted the absolute cessation of all other acts of terrorism and weapons smuggling. It was on this basis, with more than a little hesitation, but out of the assessment that this was the way to act responsibly, we decided then to act toward the selfsame calm.

It was clear that this calm could exist only as long as it was upheld. The calm could exist only as long as it was administered by both sides and not with one side relentlessly launching Kassams and mortars, thus repeatedly disrupting residents’ daily lives.

A responsible government is neither eager for battle, nor does it shy away from it. I have said this in the past, and I say it again now. Therefore, we will take the necessary measures with the necessary responsibility. The State of Israel will know when to respond correctly and with the necessary responsibility