The President of the State, Shimon Peres, has issued a special announcement expressing regret over the inappropriate remarks made regarding President Mubarak and his country during a state remembrance ceremony today

“The State of Israel has deep respect for President Mubarak and his country for their important work in leading the advancement of the peace process in our region and their brave ongoing efforts in that regard.

Egyptian-Israeli ties are substantive and manifested in word and deed in a great variety of areas. They are based on mutual respect, and one lone comment cannot ruin a profound relationship such as this.”

It should be noted that President Peres had a telephone conversation with President Mubarak after issuing his statement.

In a special statement, available on video from the Associated Press, President Peres said:

"In a memorial ceremony in our parliament, one of the members made an impolite remark concerning President Mubarak. All of us are very sorry about it. I want to make clear that we have the highest respect for President Mubarak. He is a really stable leader for peace in the Middle East. He does not stop for a moment from acting for peace. And he continues to do so. I just talked to him on the phone, and I am so glad that he is trying to see what are the chances of furthering the causes of peace in all of our region."