(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert today (Tuesday), 29 July 2008, held a ministerial meeting on the implementation of the report of the Dorner Commission of Inquiry into Assistance to Holocaust Survivors. Present at the meeting were: Finance Minister, Ronnie Bar-On, Justice Minister, Daniel Friedmann, Minister of Welfare and Social Services, Yitzhak Herzog, Minister of Pensioner Affairs, Rafi Eitan, Prime Minister’s Office Dir.-Gen., Ra’anan Dinur, Budgetary Director at the Finance Ministry, Ram Belinkov and representatives of ministries involved in the matter. The Ministers expressed their positions in respect to actions which the Government should take in order to tend to the various aspects raised in the Commission’s report.

Prime Minister Olmert noted the importance in which he views the Commission’s work, and that of its Chairwoman, retired Judge Dalia Dorner. The Prime Minister stated that the Government is responsible for ensuring that an answer be provided for the various aspects raised in the report’s recommendations.  In the coming weeks, and not after the 2009 budget discussions, the Government is expected to discuss the possibilities for implementing the report and decide its actions.

Prime Minister Olmert directed the Ministers to complete preparations to formulate a Government decision regarding the report.  The Prime Minister also instructed to confer with the representatives of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in order to present the Ministries’ positions and the planned timetable for implementation, prior to the Cabinet discussion.

The Prime Minister also related to the problem of exploitation of rights amongst the Holocaust survivors, and expressed his concern that many of them are not sufficiently aware, "We have yet to approach many, and we must invest every effort to change this situation." Prime Minister Olmert requested from Minister of Welfare and Social Services Yitzhak Herzog to pledge that by September preparations will be completed to open a center for the exploitation of rights, and directed to allocate funds to publicize the matter.