A coalition of eight human rights organizations released a report (6 March) claiming that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is at its worst point since Israel captured the territory in 1967. (Haaretz report)

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

The government of Israel respects the activities of a wide range of international NGOs in the Palestinian Authority and in the Gaza Strip. The government maintains a constant dialogue with the majority of these organizations, including most of those signed on this statement.

Unfortunately, and not for the first time, these organizations fail to face the reality and sequence of events leading to the deteriorating situation in the southern regions of Israel, as well as in the Gaza Strip. If only the Palestinians chose to cease their pointless and indiscriminate firing of rockets and missiles against hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians, the entire region would return to a normal routine in which Palestinians and Israelis could once again enjoy their daily lives.

As stated to these organizations time and time again by the Israeli government, they should point their criticism towards the Hamas terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip, and not against the State of Israel.