Deputy FM Whbee has returned from the first visit of a senior Israeli official to Adygea, where he met with Adygean president, Aslan Takhakushinov

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Majalli Whbee has returned from the first official visit of a senior Israeli official to the Russian Republic of Adygea (The Cherkessian Republic), during which he met with President Aslan Takhakushinov and participated in the annual Cherkessian cultural festival held in the capital city, Maykop.

The Adygean president advised Deputy FM Whbee that his country is interested in attracting Israeli investors in the infrastructure, tourism and hotel industries, and in view of that would provide incentives and collateral to the investors. President Takhakushinov added that in 2012 the adjacent city of Suchi, which is on the banks of the Black Sea, will be hosting the winter Olympics, and in light of that,   Russia is devoting massive resources to the development of the region.

President Takhakushinov explained that the distance from the conflict in the Caucasus region, the historic relation of Adygea with Israel and the Jews, low costs and the incentives that will be provided to the Israeli investors will all contribute to a high return on investment.

The president expressed his thanks for the abolition of visa requirements for visitors to Israel, and stated that it would be his pleasure to host a delegation of Israeli businessmen in his country. He also expressed his wish to strengthen bilateral cooperation in agricultural research.

The president also stressed the warm relationship between the Adygean Republic and the 5000-strong Cherkessian community in Israel. The president informed Deputy FM Whbee that the Cherkessian community viewed him as their representative in the Israeli government, and promised to use his connections with the Russian leadership to promote issues important to Israel.

Deputy FM Whbee thanked President Takhakushinov for his warm hospitality, and told him that the members of the Cherkessian community who served in the Israeli army play an important role in Israeli society. Deputy FM Whbee invited President Takhakushinov to visit Israel and promised to promote a meeting between economic delegations of both countries.