FM Liberman and Deputy FM Ayalon comment on Ghagar Village


FM Liberman interviewed at Ghaghar Village (Alhura TV)

Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman: We’re not talking about a mutual agreement. Al Ghajar village is under Israeli law, so the villagers are Israeli citizens. Neither is this a good-will gesture toward the Lebanese or Syrian governments. Our present decision is being taken to serve our security interests and to solve humanitarian issues. We will be notifying the US administration and the UN of our decision.

Deputy Foreign Minister  Danny Ayalon: It is quite clear today that Hizbullah does not serve Lebanese interests. It serves Iranian interests. Therefore, the decision on policy regarding Hizbullah must be taken by the Lebanese people. From Israel’s perspective, there is no escalation on the northern border. However, we are determined to defend ourselves. And if we were forced into a confrontation with Hizbullah, I believe that this round, militarily, would be the last as far as Hizbullah is concerned.