(Communicated by COGAT – Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories, Ministry of Defense)

Following a visit of the Joint Humanitarian Coordination Center (JHCC) to the IDF Southern Command, it was decided to extend the humanitarian pause in the fighting for an additional hour as of today (15 Jan.), to take place on a daily basis. Members of the JHCC visited the Kerem Shalom cargo terminal and met with military commanders in the field. They also viewed the special humanitarian command post set up at a military base in the vicinity to coordinate medical movement and attend to the needs of the international organizations.

The JHCC was established by COGAT and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to provide a high level "hot line" point of contact for the international organizations who are members of the JHCC. The JHCC serves as an integrative value-added coordinating body for all humanitarian efforts to the Gaza Strip.

Among the priorities of the humanitarian coordination is the transfer of goods into Gaza, the repairs of electrical grid and sewage systems, evacuation of wounded, coordination of medical assistance and evacuation of foreign and dual nationals. The electrical supply is also being rehabilitated, the grid has been repaired and electricity is at 74% capacity up from 40% earlier in the operation. Rehabilitation of the power network is a direct result of the coordination between the IDF, the Palestinian Energy Authority and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The IDF intends to open all crossing points as soon as possible to enable maximum flow of goods, fuels and medical supplies and there are plans to increase the capacity of the crossings. Indeed today, the Karni conveyer belt is operating, operations of Karni and Nahal Oz were disrupted due to a terrorist tunnel that targeted the crossings.

The JHCC visitors learned that often problems are caused due to lack of organization on the part of Palestinian contractors. For example, for three days the IDF suspended operations in order to enable an ICRC convoy to escort Palestinian technicians to repair the pump of the Beit Lahiya sewage facility. For the first two days the technicians didn’t arrive and today when they did arrive they didn’t have the proper vehicles and implements to carry out the task. 

Since the beginning of the operation a total of 1,136 trucks of produce have entered the Gaza Strip with over 26,000 tons of goods. In addition, fuel trucks and medical personnel have entered as well.

Southern Command appoints team to coordinate humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesperson)
The head of southern command, Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant, has issued an order to create a special team to support humanitarian and infrastructural efforts that will assist the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip to rebuild the infrastructure needed to conduct a regular life.

The team, headed by Brigadier General (res.) Shimi Daniel, was instructed to gather and coordinate all commands and operations concerning humanitarian matters, in accordance with the decisions made by the General Staff.

The team consists of representatives from the Coordination and Liaison office, Military Advocacy – International Jurisdiction specialists, medical and logistical personnel and members of other units.