(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The children of foreign workers, who have been studying in the state school system since the beginning of the current academic year will be able to complete this year’s course of study in Israel.

At the same time, Interior Minister Eli Yishai will chair a professional committee that will – until the end of May 2010 – consider the issue in detail insofar as it affects government policy, while taking into account necessary changes and the decisions of previous governments.

This decision will not apply to all other persons in Israel illegally, regardless of age.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also instructed Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz to lead a team – including, inter alia, Interior Minister Yishai and Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman – that will formulate a comprehensive policy on reducing the number of illegal foreign workers in Israel. The team will consider – inter alia – stiffening punitive measures against employers who violate the law, increased enforcement measures and the construction of a ground barrier along the southern border.