DFM Ayalon and the governor of Heilongjiang province in northern China signed an agricultural cooperation agreement today in Jerusalem

 Agricultural agreement between Israel and China's Heilongjiang Province signed today


DFM Ayalon (MFA archive photo)

(Communicated by the Deputy Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon met today (Monday, 13 September 2010) with the governor of China’s Heilongjiang Province, Mr. Du Jiahao.

Israel has extensive agricultural cooperation with the province, and during the meeting an agricultural cooperation agreement between MASHAV – Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation and Heilongjiang province was signed. The agreement relates primarily to assistance in constructing demonstration dairy farms.

Heilongjiang is an important province in northern China. Its capital, Harbin, provided refuge to tens of thousands of Jews fleeing from Russia at the time of the White Revolution at the beginning of the twentieth century.

At the start of the meeting, DFM Ayalon stressed the special relationship between Israel and China, and stated that "The friendly relationship between the two countries, and the mutual appreciation of the two nations, is based on the fact that they are both ancient cultures with historic awareness."

DFM Ayalon related to China’s economic development and said that "The economies of the two nations complement each other. Israel has advanced technology suited to the developing Chinese market and experience in fields that top the Chinese national agenda, such as agriculture and technology." The Deputy Foreign Minister also mentioned Israel’s participation in the Shanghai Expo on an unparalleled scale, which included the construction of an independent pavilion for the first time in its history.

Governor Du Jiahao thanked DFM Ayalon for the warm hospitality, and said that he was very impressed by Israel. The Governor added that during his visit to Emek Hefer he met a group of Israeli children singing in Chinese. This moved him so much that he decided to invite them to visit China. The Governor added that it was his intention to erect a monument of Jerusalem stone in memory of the Jews who found refuge in Heilongjiang Province during the White Revolution.