The center will provide illegal infiltrators with basic needs such as lodging, food and drink, and health needs.

 Cabinet to discuss establishment of open housing center for infiltrators


Israel Cabinet meeting (GPO archive photo)

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)
The Cabinet will, on Sunday, 28 November 2010, discuss the establishment of an open housing center for infiltrators who entered Israel illegally and for those who arrive after the decision will have been made.
The center which is designed for infiltrators, who cannot be deported at the current time, will be defined as "open" and will provide infiltrators with basic needs such as lodging, food and drink, and health needs. The center will begin operation within six months of the passage of the decision.
The increasing flow of illegal infiltrators across the border has raised the need for immediate action to find solutions for dealing with the problem.
Last year there was a sharp increase in the number of infiltrators, with further increases in recent months. In 2009, an average of approximately 300 infiltrators entered Israel per month. The monthly average for 2010 currently stands at approximately 1,200, with almost 1,300 in November so far.
According to the decision, the establishment of the center will facilitate enforcement against those who employ infiltrators without work permits. This process is expected to lead to a reduction in economic incentives for infiltrators to come to Israel and thus reduce the flow into the country.
Establishing the center is one a series of steps that the government is taking in resolving the issue. Others include the construction of a barrier along the border with Egypt, finding countries to which the infiltrators who are not found to be refugees may be sent, provided that such deportation does not put their lives at risk.
The decision is the implementation of the recommendations of an inter-ministerial team, chaired by Prime Minister’s Office Director-General Eyal Gabai, which acted in accordance with the government’s 19 July 2010 decision.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "Israel is the only developed country that you can reach on foot from the poorest countries in Africa. Many have already done so and the flow of infiltrators is only growing as the Israeli economy advances and develops. The phenomenon of infiltrators into Israel endangers the Jewish and democratic character of the State of Israel and burdens its social welfare services, health system, law enforcement authorities and local councils. In order to deal with this problem, we are taking various measures. We have already started building a ground barrier along the border with Egypt. We are establishing a special housing center for infiltrators. We will step up enforcement against Israeli employers. For the first time, we are working to formulate a comprehensive migration policy that will be anchored in Knesset legislation."