Dep FM Ayalon addresses parliamentary forum in Washington DC


(Communicated by the Deputy Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Last night (Wednesday, 15 September), Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon addressed the Community of Democracies Parliamentary Forum Meeting in Washington D.C. The Community of Democracies is a global intergovernmental coalition of democratic countries, with the goal of promoting democratic rules and strengthening democratic norms and institutions around the world.

Ayalon addressed the high-level audience of ministers, speakers of parliaments and politicians from across the globe about the lack of democracy in the Middle East. "If the Middle East was more democratic then there would be no conflict as history has proven that in general democracies don’t fight each other or send terrorist proxies," Ayalon told the audience. "Our conflict is not over territory or resources but over basic ideology, Israel is not accepted in the region because it is democratic."

"I am embarrassed to be the only speaker from a democracy in our region."

The Deputy Foreign Minister also related to some of the ongoing problems in the region. "If our neighbors were democratic then they would have absorbed the Palestinian refugees, just like European nations did with the refugees after World War Two, rather than place them in camps with a second-class status," Ayalon explained.

Ayalon also called on the democracies of the world to stand together. "The non-democratic nations are trying to destroy the self-defense of democracies by using civilians and manipulating international law during wars," Ayalon sad. "Israel found this in its recent conflicts and NATO is finding this in Afghanistan."

"While the non-democratic nations have an automatic majority in bodies like the United Nations, democracies should stand united as a moral majority in opposition. We call on the democracies of the world to stand by Israel, a fellow democracy."