Dep FM Ayalon holds press briefing on PA incitement


DFM Ayalon at press briefing about PA incitement (Photo: MFA)

(Communicated by the Deputy Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon held a press briefing today, together with the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), on the subject of Palestinian incitement. At the beginning of the briefing, the Deputy FM was presented with a copy of the organization’s latest research report on the topic.

Dep. FM Ayalon said at the beginning of the briefing, "I thank the PMW for this research. We will study it and give our response. I welcome the activities of this organization, which exposes Palestinian society and the Palestinian Authority as they present themselves not to the world but to themselves. I wish to point out that, even without this report, we are very aware of ongoing incitement through the boycott of Israeli goods, the burning of those goods, which reminds us of the darkest of regimes; the glorification of terrorists, the naming of squares after terrorists, and more. These things do not allow for an atmosphere of trust or progress towards true reconciliation."

Ayalon commented on the proximity talks due to start this week: "True peace must be built on a foundation of trust between the parties. The continuation of incitement on the part of the Palestinians will not help build trust and understanding between us. Therefore, before the start of the talks, the PA must decide if it is a partner for true peace and stop the ongoing incitement and boycotts against Israel."

Palestinian Media Watch is an NGO that was established in 1996 and studies Palestinian society by following the Arabic media and analyzing it. The organization focuses on examining the messages conveyed by Fatah and Hamas by means of their institutions and infrastructures.

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Deputy FM Ayalon: "If we see the glorification of terrorism by naming and calling public places, squares and buildings on the most hideous terrorists, whether it’s Yehya Ayash, who’s responsible for hundreds of deaths of Israelis, and not just Israelis, also foreigners, Americans and others, or Dalal Mughrabi, who was responsible of the murder of 38 people, including 16 kids. This does not show a good trust and faith and a new change, a real change, a cultural change in the Palestinian Authority and their leadership towards real reconciliation. And this is what I want to reiterate, this is what we need to see, a real reconciliation, and not just an artificial state being buily, which may just instead of stabilizing the situation, make it just worse. So today, as we are ready to embark upon the talks after a whole year that the Israeli government did not succeed in reaching a solution with the Palestinians, the PA must change its ways regarding these glorifications." (IBA English news)