Dep. FM Ayalon to Amb. Šedivý: Iran’s latest pronouncements should worry the entire world.

 Dep. FM Ayalon meets with NATO official in Jerusalem


Dep.FM Ayalon with NATO official, Amb. Šedivý (Photo: MFA)

Communicated by Deputy Foreign Minister’s Bureau

Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon met this morning (11 April) at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem with Ambassador Jiřί Šedivý, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning. Mr. Šedivý’s visit is part of the process of upgrading relations between Israel and NATO and the ongoing dialogue concerning terrorism.

Ayalon briefed his guest on security developments in the region, stressing relations with the Palestinians and the Iranian threat. “Iran’s latest pronouncements should worry not only Israel but the entire world,” Ayalon said.

Ayalon also emphasized the importance of upgrading Israel-NATO relations and noted, “Israel and NATO members share common interests and values and confront the same challenges and threats: first and foremost, the nuclearization of Iran and its long arm, reaching, through the terrorist organizations, into the Middle East.”

Dep. FM Ayalon invited the NATO Secretary General and members of the NATO Council to visit Israel.