The visit to the region by the General Selva is part of the American effort to encourage the implementation of the Roadmap.

 Dep FM Ayalon meets with US envoy General Selva


Photo: MFA

(Communicated by the Deputy Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

On Wednesday (12 May 2010), Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon met with Lieutenant General Paul J. Selva, US envoy appointed to monitor the implementation of both parties’ obligations under the terms of the Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. This is yet another visit by the general to the region as part of the American effort to encourage the implementation of the Roadmap.

Deputy FM Ayalon noted the seriousness with which Israel views the continued incitement by the official Palestinian institutions, including the encouragement of popular violence, naming streets and squares after the mass murderers of innocent civilians, and the continued boycott of Israeli goods and the delegitimization of Israel in the international arena. He noted especially the Palestinian attempt to prevent Israel’s acceptance into the OECD.

This aggressive behavior by the Palestinian Authority runs counter to the positive atmosphere that Israel is trying to create through continued alleviation of conditions for the Palestinians, with emphasis on the removal of roadblocks and the opening of crossings, support of the Palestinian economy, and a moratorium on building.

Ayalon stressed that this activity by the Palestinian Authority harms the trust of the Israeli public and does not contribute to creating the positive atmosphere needed with the launching of the proximity talks. Ayalon expressed the hope that the proximity talks will lead quickly to direct negotiations between the parties. He also expressed his appreciation of the important steps taken by the Arab states to advance the negotiations and to promote normalization vis-a-vis Israel.