FM Ayalon and Governor Ritter: Economic cooperation between our two countries should be strengthened, especially in the field of renewable energy

 Deputy FM Ayalon meets with Governor of Colorado Ritter


DFM Ayalon greets Governor  Bill Ritter, Jr in Jerusalem (Photo: MFA)

(Communicated by Deputy Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon met today (Sunday 18 July 2010) with a delegation of businessmen led by Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter, Jr. The Governor, who arrived at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, intends to establish cooperation with Israeli companies in fields relating to renewable energy and water conservation. 

Deputy FM Ayalon welcomed the Governor and the delegation, and commended their commitment to the development of renewable energy. He further stated that there is a lot of innovative technology of this type in Israel. Israel’s solar energy technology can contribute a great deal to the improvement of the solar energy system in Colorado, as can the water conservation and desalination technologies.

DFM Ayalon emphasized the necessity of promoting sanctions in Colorado against Iran, and expressed his gratitude to the Colorado pension companies for their voluntarily disinvestment from Iran.

Speaking to Governor Ritter, DFM Ayalon said that "Renewable energy is the solution to the oil problem, and offers a solution to the reduction of negative oil politics around the world. Delegations such as these are important in strengthening the relationship of the people of Israel and the United States, and in the strengthening of future economic cooperation."