Deputy FM Ayalon will leave tomorrow on an official visit to the Vatican, Italy and France. The aim of the visit is an appeal for additional European sanctions on Iran

 Deputy FM Ayalon to leave on official visit to the Vatican, Italy and France


Deputy FM Ayalon (MFA archive photo)

(Communicated by Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon’s Bureau)

Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon will leave tomorrow (Monday, 14 June 2010) on an official visit to the Vatican, Italy and France. DFM Ayalon will continue the economic-fiscal negotiations with the Vatican. On his official visits to France and Italy, DFM Ayalon will appeal to the leaders of those countries to apply sanctions on Iran in accordance with the spirit of the UN Security Council resolution, and to impose additional European sanctions on Iran.

On Tuesday 15 June, the Israel-Vatican Working Commission will convene under the leadership of the two delegation heads: Deputy FM Ayalon and his counterpart, Vatican Undersecretary for Relations with States Mdgr.Ettore Balestero. Bilateral issues will be discussed In addition to the economic negotiations.

During his official visits to Rome and Paris, DFM Ayalon will meet with coalition and opposition members, members of government, and members of parliament, including members of the foreign and security committees that discuss resolutions of national sanctions. In addition, DFM Ayalon will hold briefings for the local media. Deputy FM Ayalon is also expected to praise the two countries’ consistent and determined position on the Iranian nuclear issue and their various activities aimed at aborting the program, and to appeal for the implementation of national and European sanctions.

In Rome, DFM Ayalon will meet with his counterpart, Secretary of State Stefania Gabriella Anastasia Craxi and with the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Gianfranco Fini.  He will also meet with leaders of the Jewish community in Italy. During his meetings, DFM Ayalon will emphasize the urgency of national sanctions, especially in light of the international legitimacy from the UN. DFM Ayalon is expected to express appreciation and esteem for Italy’s staunch support of Israel.

On Thursday 17 June, DFM Ayalon will meet in Paris with Secretary of State for European Affairs, Pierre Lellouche, with the president of the Foreign Committee of the National Assembly and participate in a meeting with members of the Foreign Committee of the National Assembly, and members of the France-Israel friendship group.   DFM Ayalon will praise France’s determined and consistent position regarding the Iranian nuclear program, and French activities aimed at preventing its implementation.

DFM Ayalon will return to Israel on Friday, 18 June.