DFM Ayalon: A nuclear Iran will lead to a nuclear Venezuela right in the United States’ backyard

 DFM Ayalon briefs foreign journalists


Dep.FM Danny Ayalon (Photo: MFA)

Communicated by Deputy Foreign Minister’s Bureau

Today (Monday, 13 December 2010), Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon held a briefing for about 20 foreign journalists from Latin American countries. He talked about Iran, which threatens not only the Middle East, but the stability of the existing world order. He said that Iran is the main problem threatening world peace; the coming year will be decisive in this respect. A nuclear Iran will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, the threat of long-range missiles in Europe, and the arming of the Latin continent in the United States’ backyard.

Venezuela is Iran’s advance outpost on the Latin American continent. The two countries have joined together to create an axis of conventional and nuclear terror [that threatens] not only the Middle East, but also the continent of America, and the United States in particular, Ayalon told the journalists.

DFM Ayalon also referred to Palestinian efforts to increase diplomatic warfare against Israel on all international fronts, and especially on the Latin continent, including the attempt to achieve a Palestinian state without an agreement with Israel. He expressed hope that the other countries on the continent would make clear to the Palestinians that a solution can be reached only through direct negotiations, without preconditions and in good faith. He stressed that a Palestinian state would not arise through declarations in Buenos Aires or Brasilia, but rather through negotiations with the elected government in Jerusalem.

DFM Ayalon praised the excellent relations between the Latin American states and Israel and expressed the hope that they would grow even stronger. “Israel and Latin America have much in common, and the states can contribute a lot to each other in the fields of the economy, agriculture and technology,” Ayalon noted.