DFM Ayalon ends visit to Washington


Deputy FM Ayalon and Under Secretary Burns (Photo: Israel Embassy, Washington)

(Communicated by the Bureau of Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon)

Deputy FM Ayalon today (Thursday, 11March 2010) ended his visit to Washington D.C., where he met with senior administration and Congressional officials. DFM Ayalon met with US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg, Under Secretary for Political Affairs, William J. Burns, and officials of the National Security Council and the White House. He also met with members of Congress, Senate representatives of both parties including the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and with Senators Joe Lieberman and John Kyl.

The visit focused on the promotion of severe sanctions against Iran in the UN Security Council and the US Congress. DFM Ayalon emphasized the increasing danger of the Iranian nuclear threat, and requested the implementation of the sanctions with all possible speed.

As a result of the visit, a group of nine congressmen and senators filed an urgent application to Congressional leaders to finalize the required legislation s as soon as possible. 

In their letter, they stated that "We need to send a strong, clear signal to Iran that until it halts its nuclear ambitions, the dangerous state will be denied the benefits of access to the global economy. Company offenders whose profits serve to fuel Iran’s nuclear ambitions should not be allowed to do business with the US."