Eighteen years of Israeli-Chinese relations


(Communicated by the MFA Spokesperson)

Today, 24 January 2010, marks 18 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the State of Israel and the People’s Republic of China. The number “18” has special significance in the Jewish as well as the Chinese culture.

To commemorate the occasion, all of Israel’s ambassadors to China since the establishment of diplomatic relations gathered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. Simultaneously, all of China’s ambassadors to Israel in the last 18 years gathered at the Israeli embassy in Beijing. A video conference was conducted between the two groups of ambassadors, one in Jerusalem and one in Beijing.

 Eighteen years of Israeli-Chinese relations

Former Israeli ambassadors to China in video conference with Yang Fuchang – Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People’s Republic of China, and former President
of the Chinese President of the Institute of Diplomacy (Photo: MFA)

At the exciting event, both sides commended the impressive development of relations since their establishment in 1992. Mutual trade has grown 120-fold during this period. The first Chinese ambassador to Israel, Li Zhen, told that 300 Hebrew books have been translated into Chinese.

China’s ambassador to Israel, Zhao Jun, noted that relations between the two states are better today than ever before and exchanges in all areas are prospering.

All of the participants raised a glass and extended wishes for continued good, warm relations between the two countries. The Israeli ambassadors, in order of their service, are: Zeev Sufot, Moshe Ben Yaakov, Ora Namir, Ytzhak Shelef, Yehoyada Haim, and the current ambassador Amos Nadai, who proposed the idea.

The meeting was hosted by Deputy Director General for Asia and the Pacific, Ruth Kahanoff, who has been involved in relations with China since their beginnings.