FM Liberman: Israel and Greece enjoy a high level of cooperation, which is beneficial not only to the two countries but to the entire region


 FM Liberman signs aviation agreement with Greek FM Droutsas


Signing of the aviation agreement between Israel and Greece (Photo: MFA)

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman and Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas signed today (Monday 18 October 2010) an aviation agreement between Israel and Greece.

The agreement signed today replaces the previous aviation agreement between the two countries which was signed in 1952. The new agreement regulates a variety of issues and is aimed at promoting the aviation relationship between the countries, including the appointing of additional carriers, enabling up to two carriers to service each side for each destination (instead of the present one), establishing rules for setting rates, establishing guidelines for settling differences  through negotiation, mediation and arbitration, establishing a schedule of routes, setting up guidelines for mutual criticism of the agreement and the appointed air carriers regarding compliance with safety regulations that relate to aviation facilities, flight teams, aircraft or their operation, and other subjects.

Prior to the signing of the agreement, FM Liberman and FM Droutsas met in a private session, and in an extended meeting discussed the bilateral relationship, the situation in the region and negotiations with the Palestinians. At the signing ceremony, which was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, FM Liberman stated that there is a good and close level of cooperation between Israel and Greece, and that this relationship is beneficial not only to the two countries but to the entire region. FM Liberman further stated that he is pleased to sign the aviation agreement, as it is an important agreement which will benefit both countries.

FM Droutsas noted the strengthening of the bilateral relationship, which includes the many meetings between FM Liberman and himself, as well as meetings between other senior Greek and Israeli officials, and added that the aviation agreement shows how the strengthening of the relationship can be translated into practical terms. The Greek foreign minister also stated that additional areas of mutual interest were defined, and that the two sides were looking into other areas in which cooperation could be expanded.

FM Droutsas said that the discussions with FM Liberman were very effectual and contributed to the cooperation between the two countries. He added that Greece is interested in promoting peace and stability in the area, and if both sides are willing, is ready to offer its services to assist on this issue.