It is unacceptable to differentiate between "good" terrorists and "bad" terrorists on the basis of geography.

 Israel rejects call by Russia and Turkey to include Hamas in diplomatic process


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Turkish President Abdullah Gul in Ankara (Photo: Reuters)

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs absolutely rejects calls by the presidents of Russia and Turkey to include Hamas in the diplomatic process and expresses its deep disappointment in President Medvedev’s meeting with Khaled Mashal in Damascus.

Hamas is a terrorist organization in every sense of the word; its declared purpose is the destruction of the State of Israel. Members of Hamas have been responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent civilians, including Russian citizens and other former residents of the CIS. It is totally unacceptable for enlightened nations to divide terrorists into "good" and "bad" according to some geographical division. Terrorists are terrorists, and Israel does not see any difference between the Hamas terror operating against Israel and the Chechen terror operating against Russia. There is no difference between Khaled Mashal and Shamil Basayev.

Israel has always stood behind Russia in its fight against Chechen terrorism and we expect similar treatment in the case of Hamas terrorism against Israel.