Unilateral recognition violates signed agreements and harms the trust between the sides.

Communicated by MFA Spokesman’s Bureau

The Government of Israel expresses regret and disappointment over the decision of the governments of Brazil and Argentina to recognize an independent Palestinian state.

Recognizing a Palestinian state violates the interim agreement, signed by Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 1995, which established that the issue of status of the “West Bank” and of the Gaza Strip would be discussed and resolved through negotiations. Granting recognition also contradicts the Roadmap, which was adopted by the Quartet and supported by the international community. The Roadmap stated that a Palestinian state may be established only by means of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and not as a unilateral move. Furthermore, the State of Israel and the Palestinian leadership are currently engaged in efforts to renew the negotiations, with the goal of reaching a framework agreement on all the outstanding issues.

Any attempt to bypass this process and make decisions about important and controversial issues in advance and unilaterally harms the trust between the sides as well as their commitment to the agreed framework of the peace negotiations.