A Libyan-chartered ship carrying aid for Palestinians reached the Egyptian port of El-Arish on Wednesday (14 July) after altering its course following a warning from Israel’s navy away not to head to the Gaza Strip under naval blockade. (Ynet report)
US State Dept: "We, along with our partners in the Quartet, urge all those wishing to deliver goods to do so through established channels so that their cargo can be inspected by the Government of Israel and transferred via land crossings into Gaza."

 Libyan Gaza-bound aid ship enters Egyptian port


Libyan-chartered ship carrying aid for Palestinians in Gaza in El Arish port, Egypt (Photo: Reuters)

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesperson)

The Israeli Navy continues to follow the Libyan Amalthea ship, which is currently entering the territorial waters of Egypt.  IDF Radio reported that Egypt authorized the captain of the ship to dock at the port of El-Arish. According to the report, the cargo of the ship will be unloaded at El-Arish and will be transferred by land to the Gaza Strip.

The Libyan Al-Amal ship belongs to a Greek shipping company and is sailing under the flag of Moldova. According to assessments, the Al-Amal ship is carrying 21 people, including 9 pro-Palestinian activists and 12 crew members, along with 2,000 tons of equipment.