The September 2010 Bulletin looks at some of the major projects being promoted in Israel today in order to assure a more sustainable tomorrow.

 New Issue of Israel Environment Bulletin published


The September 2010 Bulletin, the English language publication of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, looks at some of the major projects being promoted in Israel today in order to assure a more sustainable tomorrow – from local sustainability to biodiversity, from climate change and pollution prevention to green building.

Articles focus on the country’s intensive efforts to move toward local sustainability, based on a multi-layered approach that targets different audiences, on the long road toward the formulation of a national biodiversity strategy and action plan for Israel, which will hopefully be translated into action in the coming years, on progress in implementing the action plan for Israel’s major hotspot, Ramat Hovav, on an ambitious green building initiative with the participation of stakeholders from different fields, and, of course, on Israel’s continuing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Without doubt, Israel’s accession to the OECD in 2010, following a long and intensive review process, is a major achievement, which will catalyze Israel to initiate and implement new policies and regulations. An Environmental Performance Review by the OECD, slated for completion in 2011, will help pave Israel’s path forward.

Articles include:

At a Glance
News in brief about a motley of environmental issues.

Moving Toward Local Sustainability
Israel is implementing a multi-layered approach to mainstream a sustainability approach into the local level.

New National Biodiversity Plan for Israel
Israel’s National Biodiversity Plan takes up the challenge of moving Israel from nature conservation to biodiversity conservation.

Implementing the Action Plan for Ramat Hovav
A major pollution hotspot is well on its way to reducing its pollutant emissions, preventing odors and avoiding risks from hazardous substances accidents.

Going for Green Building
An ambitious program for promoting green building should yield a host of benefits in terms of resource savings, greenhouse gas reductions and better quality of life.

Climate Change: High on Israel’s Agenda
An interministerial committee is hard at work preparing recommendations for a national plan for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Israel Launches Greenhouse Gas Registry
The voluntary greenhouse gas registry promises added
benefits to companies, the government and the public.

Еnvironmental Legislation
Israel promulgates a host of new regulations, including an amendment to the Deposit Law on Beverage Containers, effluent quality standards, disclosure requirements on air pollution from vehicles and emissions permits.