Statements by PM Netanyahu and Special Envoy George Mitchell


Photo: GPO

PM Benjamin Netanyahu: I’m very happy to see you again George in our common quest for peace. Welcome back to Jerusalem.

Special Envoy George Mitchell: I thank you very much, Mr. Prime Minister. It’s always a pleasure for me to be back in Israel, a pleasure to see you and meet with you again.

We want to reaffirm that the relationship between the United States and Israel is strong and enduring, that our commitment to Israel’s security is unshakeable and unbreakable. And that’s the way it’s going to remain. Our shared goal – your goal, our goal – is the resumption of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians in an environment that can result in an agreement the ends the conflict and resolves all permanent status issues.

We hope to get proximity talks under way in full force as soon as possible as a means to get to direct negotiations at the earliest possible time. We look forward, Mr. Prime Minister, to hosting you in the United States in the coming days. You’re going to beat me back there – you’re going to go directly tonight.

But I also want to convey to you, Mr. Prime Minister, that the President has invited you to meet with him at the White House Tuesday night, and I hope I’ll be back by then.