A total of 24 countries sent firefighting aircraft, firefighters and equipment to assist Israel in extinguishing the wildfire on the Carmel mountain range.

 Summary of assistance from abroad in the Carmel forest fire


Plane dropping fire retardant over the fire on  Mount Carmel (Photo: Reuters)

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)

Israeli diplomatic missions in capitals around the world helped in expediating international assistance to enable the country to cope with the disaster. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs established a situation room with representatives from the Israel Air Force, the National Emergency Authority, the firefighting services and other agencies.

Following is a summary of the international assistance which arrived in Israel, according to data received in the MFA’s situation room. As of Sunday night (December 5), the fire was brought under control and no further assistance was required.

Azerbaijan – 2 helicopters
Bulgaria – 1 plane and 92 firefighters
Croatia – 1 plane, 8 firefighters and fire repression materials
Cyprus – 1 plane and 1 helicopter
Egypt – fire repression materials
France – 5 planes and fire repression materials
Germany – 1 plane, 7 experts in firefighting and fire repression materials
Greece – 7 planes, 34 firefighters and fire repression materials
Holland – 5 experts in firefighting
Italy – 1 plane and fire repression materials
Jordan – 3 truckloads of firefighting equipment and materials 
Palestinian Authority – 21 firefighters and 3 fire engines
Russia – 3 planes and 22 experts in firefighting
Spain – 5 planes
Switzerland – 1 plane, 3 helicopters and a team of 14
Turkey – 2 planes
UK – 2 helicopters
US – 5 planes, 11 experts in firefighting and fire repression materials

Among the countries that offered assistance which wasn’t required: Australia (was ready to rapidly deploy a team of 5 incident management experts and 20 tons of fire retardant), Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Romania and Ukraine.