A Palestinian who had planned to abduct one or two IDF (Zahal) soldiers near the Gaza Strip border was sentenced to 10 years in prison

Date: 30/11/2010, 12:31 PM    

The Be’er Sheva District Court sentenced terrorist Said Machsan to ten years in prison on Monday (Nov. 29), for conspiring to kidnap Israeli soldiers from a military outpost along the Gaza Strip border. According to the conviction, the terrorist was to join two other terrorists in the abduction attempt and, in return for the soldier, demand the release of terrorist Achram Salameh Said, currently being held in Israel.

According to the sentence, Machsan planned to use spray to render the soldier unconscious in order to abduct him. In case two soldiers had been abducted, Machsan would have rendered one unconscious with the spray, bound the second with handcuffs, and brought them both to a home in the Gaza Strip. Machsan’s attempt at abducting a soldier failed, allegedly as a result of alertness of IDF (Zahal) soldiers at the border.

“The defendant’s acts are extremely grave and had he managed to execute his malicious intent, his actions would have led to far-reaching consequences for the country’s security, soldiers and residents,” said Judge Revital Yafeh-Katz. “The gravity of his acts and the danger inherent in executing them require severe punishment. This comes with an obligation to deter others from trying to execute such acts in the future, as when planning a dominant factor is their possible punishment.”