Today around noon two Palestinian terrorists attacked an IDF post in the Kfar Darom greenhouses. The terrorists arrived in a vehicle near the post, opened fire and tried to charge towards it while throwing hand grenades. Givatee soldiers that were at the post, responded with resolve and swiftness, firing machine-guns at the terrorists, and hitting them. As a result of the grenades that were thrown at the post 5 IDF soldiers were mildly injured. The soldiers were transferred to receive medical treatment at the hospital. During the event fire was initiated from a nearby Palestinian post. While combing the area later anti-tank grenades, an AK47 gun and a magazine were found in the terrorists’ vehicle. Later today, around 18:00 o’clock, an Israeli security guard was moderately injured by shoots fired at him from the Palestinian side of the Karney terminal in north Gaza Strip. The security guard received initial treatment on the spot and was transferred to receive medical treatment in the hospital.