A Life Sentence for Ido Zoldan’s Murderer

The man convicted of murdering Ido Zoldan in 2007 was sentenced to life in prison

Date: 21/10/2010, 12:32 PM     Author: Tamir Yaniv

The IDF (Zahal) Military Court in Samaria sentenced Abdullah Birham, convicted of the murder of Ido Zoldan in a 2007 shooting attack, to a life sentence and an additional seven years.

The accused offered two friends to join him in a shooting attack, and the three ultimately planned it together. The three decided to shoot Israeli vehicles driving on the main road near the Funduk village.

On the evening of November 19th, they arrived at the Jinspot junction. When they identified an Israeli vehicle approaching, the accused ordered his friend Dafer Birham to follow it, pass it and then shoot it from close range. The first shots failed as the magazine was loaded backwards. After loading it correctly, the three identified another Israeli vehicle, drove towards it, and shot nine bullets from close range. Ido Zoldan was murdered by the gunfire.

Two weeks later, security forces arrested the suspects, who confessed to the attack and even handed over the weapons they had used.

“Human life is a sacred value in our society. The act committed by the accused is an extreme expression of disregard for human life,” said Chief Justice, Maj. Yariv Navon, while reading the verdict. “It is for him [the accused] and other criminals like him, to receive the maximal punishment according to the law unless there is reason for an alleviated punishment. No such reason exists for the accused, who chose to say nothing when given the opportunity to speak for himself.”