A look into the life of female field intelligence combat soldiers

IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson

At a training exercise, female field intelligence combat soldiers stationed in the south discuss their operation in the field, training and goals

Date: 16/11/2011, 4:13 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Female combat soldiers of the field intelligence company “Nachshol” are stationed along the southern Israeli border. Due to the increased tension in the area, a unique exercise was conducted in the beginning of November, training for clashes with terrorists, storming at targets, and high-level camouflage, while tackled by mock explosives simulating real bombs.

“The idea is to improve the combat expertise, tactics and operation as a united team,” said 2nd Lt. Nitzan, a commander in the company. “We also improved the cooperation between the female soldiers’ permanent teams, enhancing the essential capability of fighting together.”

2nd Lt. Nitzan continued, “Our job as a company of female combat soldiers is to execute ambushes and collect intelligence in the field. Our work includes three aspects: combat operations, professional intelligence gathering, and social interactions. If necessary- we attack. During ambushes, the girls are extremely close for long periods of time, they literally do everything together.”

“Both the female observers and the female field intelligence combat soldiers monitor the field to gather information, though the two differ in their methods of observation,” said Lt. Dana, the company commander. “A combat soldier stationed near the fence will unquestionably know how to storm a target.”

After getting released from the army, Lt. Dana volunteered to become an officer and serve in various positions in the Field Intelligence Corps. “I understood where I want to contribute, influence and change,” she said.

Referencing her experience as a company commander, Lt. Dana explained that “today in the IDF (Zahal) there are female combat soldiers who, like the guys, operate at crossings and during routine activity. After enlisting, our female soldiers go through combat training and then are taught to use their skills to achieve the desired results.”