A Palestinian man was arrested for being involved in a shooting attack

Date: 01/11/2010, 10:40 AM    

A Palestinian man suspected of involvement in the shooting attack Saturday (Oct. 30) was arrested by IDF (Zahal) forces over the course of the same night. The attack took place on the main route between Har Gilo and Jerusalem where an Israeli vehicle was shot at. No passengers were injured but damage to the vehicle was caused.

During a search of the area immediately after the attack, an IDF (Zahal) force identified a possible suspect less than two hours after the incident and began a chase leading to the arrest of Muhaned Muhamed Mahmud Aze, a 34-year-old man from Bethlehem.

The suspect was questioned on the scene and confessed to taking an active role in the attack. He was arrested and taken for questioning by the ISA.