Minister of Defense Ehud Barak visited the Menashe Territorial Brigade in the Judea and Samaria region praising efforts and speaking of the hope for a peaceful future

Date: 03/11/2010, 10:47 AM    

On Tuesday (Nov. 2), Minister of Defense Ehud Barak visited the Menashe Territorial Brigade located in the Judea and Samaria region and spoke to infantry soldiers operating in the area. “We are in an area where in recent years a new reality’s been forming, a reality of being simply neighbors,” said Barak.

“Jenin was the first place where we began the project of integrating Palestinian forces in order to help them establish their own systems, and it’s showing good results. The combination of your routine activities and the daily and nightly supervision of events, the alertness at crossings and the constant surveillance of the fence create the security we didn’t have before. It enables the establishment of normalcy and the preparation for an organized reality that we hope and believe can prevail,” added the Minister of Defense.

According to the Minister, the counterterrorism activities being carried out by IDF (Zahal) infantry soldiers are “contributing to our safety and to the possibility for a stable reality with the Palestinians. Self discipline is what’s necessary here, we mustn’t let our awareness plummet and we mustn’t be jaded by routine.”

The Minister of Defense added and called upon the commanders and infantry soldiers to be prepared and maintain their high level of operational capabilities, with the ability to “protect and operate wherever the battalion is stationed.” Minister Ehud Barak thanked the soldiers saying the nation of Israel “trusts you and expects you to continue doing your duties responsibly and professionally.”