A revolution in IDF communication

IDF (Zahal) is incorporating new high-tech devices enabling faster, more efficient, encrypted communication, to be used by the various ground forces units

Date: 09/01/2012, 3:07 PM     Author: Idan Sonsino

A revolution in military communication: during the next three years more advanced and more efficient communication devices will be implemented all across the IDF (Zahal). The new high-tech devices will be outsourced from the Elbit Systems Ltd., improving their quality and availability.

Recently approved, the plan to improve communication devices will be implemented in all IDF (Zahal) ground forces by 2014.

Portable transceiver 77, most commonly used by ground forces, will be replaced by portable transceivers 714 and 710. “We are currently implanting portable transceiver 710 in infantry units,” said tactical communication department commander, Maj. Idan Betzalel. The 710 portable transceiver is much lighter and connects to control systems used by infantry forces, though its prominent advantage is its ability to encrypt information for field security purposes.

Additional devices will be implemented, enabling ground-to-air communication and are even water proof. “The new devices will last up to 4,000 hours,” said Maj. Betzalel.

The VRC-8200 device will also be incorporated, preparing the IDF (Zahal) against the growing threat of communication obstructions. The new device will also enable long distance communication, is smaller and lighter, and can be carried on APC’s. Approximately 100 devices will be implemented at first into the various units.