A Slight Increase in Number of Terror Attacks in November

The Israel Security Agency reported 52 attacks during the month of November, as opposed to October’s 44. This increase was especially notable in Jerusalem

Date: 06/12/2010, 4:03 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

In the month of November there was a slight increase in attacks compared to the previous month. In the past month there were 52 terrorist attacks as opposed to October’s 44. This according to a document by the Israel Security Agency.

This increase in attacks is especially evident in the Jerusalem area where 10 terrorist attacks (as opposed to last month’s six) and 22 attacks from the Gaza Strip (as opposed to October’s 18) took place. The Judea and Samaria region’s count remained similar with approximately 20 attacks. In both Jerusalem and the Judea and Samaria region the attacks were often Molotov cocktails.

In November, five rockets and 28 mortar shells (in 16 attacks) were launched toward Israel during the month of November. Conversely, in October, three rockets and 20 mortar shells (in 13 attacks) were launched toward Israel. The most poignant change comes from the increase in mortar shells with 28 launches compared to October’s 20.