This afternoon, (November 5, 2003) IDF forces operating north of Maayan Baruch, uncovered a string of explosive charges near the security fence on the eastern sector of the Israel- Lebanon border.

The string of explosive charges, were planted by the Hizballah organization on the northern side of the security fence, south of the international borderline, inside Israeli terrirtory, intending to harm Israeli civilians and IDF forces operating in the area.

This terrorist activity operated against Israel, contrevenes U.N. decisions according to which Israel complied entirely with UNSC Resolution 425, and the U.N. fully recognizes that the IDF has completely exited southern Lebanon. Syria and the Hizballah for their part operate from within Lebansese territory, violating these decisions regularly, thus intentionally infringing on Israel’s sovereignty.

It is important to note, that the U.N. patroled the area during the day, and confirmed that these were a string of explosive charges.