Last night, 2 July 2002, in the village of Sineria, southeast of Kalkilya, a special IDF unit arrested 5 terrorist operatives, wanted by security forces.

During the operation, there was an exchange of fire. Two of the terrorists were wounded and later evacuated to a hospital for medical treatment. The IDF unit suffered no casualties. Also last night, a special IDF unit entered the villages of Kibija and Shukba, north of Ramallah. The aim was to carry out arrests and to strike at the terrorist infrastructure within these villages. 18 members of Hamas, associated with terrorist activities, were arrested. The unit then left the villages, once the operation had been completed. This morning in Ramallah itself, 8 people, wanted by the security forces, were arrested. In another operation, an IDF unit arrested 3 Hamas operatives in the village D’haria, south of Hebron. Among the arrested were Adal Shani’or, a high ranking Hamas member from the Hebron Hills region. During routine operation this morning, close to the village Haja, near K’dumim, an IDF unit arrested two people who are wanted by the security forces. The various IDF units did not suffer any casualties in any of these operations. All of the arrested were transferred to the security forces for questioning. The IDF will continue to operate where required, so as to prevent and thwart terrorist activity.