So far tonight, numerous incidents of shooting at Israeli security forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip were reported. The shooting incidents concentrated in several locations among which were Tel Ares near Nablus, Mount Eibal, the Jewish settlement of Vered Yericho, the DCO in Jericho, the Border Police base at Tul Karem, the Offer IDF base near Ramallah, and the IDF position near Rafah on the Israeli-Egyptian border.

Palestinian rioters were sighted firing toward Jericho off the first floor and the roof of the Casino building in the city.

IDF soldiers responded with fire toward the sources of the shooting.

In addition, shots were fired at the Jewish settlement of Pesagot, but IDF forces did not return fire as the sources of the shooting were not identified.

An Israeli tank in Tel Ares fired a single shell at suspicious figures which were seen climbing toward the lookout point on Mount Eibal.

Additional disturbances in which Palestinians threw stones and firebombs at the Israeli security forces occurred at a number of sites, among which were the Ramallah bypass road, south of the Jewish settlement of Ofra; the Hosan bypass road near Beit Lehem and the Rama IDF base, north of Jerusalem.

In all of the incidents there were no casualties and no damage was reported.