The day saw the continuation of the violent disturbances throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Authority continues to encourage the acts of violence and terrorism, and continues to see violence against Israeli soldiers and civilians as a legitimate means to accomplish its goals.

The West Bank

An IDF soldier was slightly wounded this evening, from stones thrown at an IDF force during disturbances at Al-Foar south of Hebron. In addition, a Border Policeman has been slightly wounded at Jabel Joar, near Hebron, from stones thrown at his vehicle. Earlier, an Israeli civilian was slightly wounded from stones thrown at his vehicle at Shamaa’, south of Hebron. None of the three required medical treatment.

At Meshulash Hagdud junction, south of the town of Tul Karem, Palestinians opened fire at IDF soldiers, who responded with accurate fire at the sources of the shooting. In the course of the disturbances in this area, Palestinians burned tires, and threw petrol bombs.

Incidents of stone and petrol bomb throwing occurred also at Ayosh junction, in the Jewish settlement at Hebron, toward an IDF force near Kalandia, toward an IDF force near the Jewish settlement of Atarot, and at the 250 junction on the Samaria bypass road. In this last incident at the 250 junction, tires were burned along with 3 gas tanks, which exploded as a result. In the last hour a petrol bomb was thrown from the village of Azawiya, south-east of the Jewish settlement of Oranit, toward the new cross-Samaria highway. An IDF force identified the thrower and fired at him.

Palestinians threw stones at the Peirot roadblock near Kalkillia, in the village of Bakaa’ and in the village of Zeita, north of Jenin. An empty bottle was thrown at a Border Police force in Hebron. The force fired warning shots in the air.

In all of these incidents there were no casualties to IDF forces. The IDF responded with measures for demonstration dispersal. Stones have also been thrown at Israeli civilian vehicles in El Hader and near Tkoa (where there were no casualties and no damage was caused), north of El Foar (where a vehicle has been damaged), near Beit Omer, near the Gvaot river (where a vehicle has been damaged), and in the area of Hawara, where the civilian responded with warning shots in the air.

During the evening, fire was opened at the Jewish settlement of Pesagot from the Palestinian village El-Bira. The source of the shooting was not identified and therefore IDF forces did not return fire.

In addition, stones were thrown at an Israeli bus near Oja (near Jericho) in the Jordan valley, and toward an IDF force in the Jewish settlement of Yitzhar, near Alon More. In the incident at Yitzhar the force responded with warning shots in the air.

Fire was opened at an IDF force at Tel Ares from the direction of Nablus.

An explosive charge of an unknown type was detonated in the last hour at an Israeli bus near Halhul junction (north of Kiryat Arba). No casualties were reported.

The Gaza Strip

Palestinian rioters threw petrol bombs and stones at an IDF patrol near Neve Dkalim, toward the Erez industrial area, toward an IDF position near Rafah on the Israeli-Egyptian border, and at armored vehicles in the southern section of the Gaza Strip. The IDF responded with means for demonstration dispersal. In one case there was a fire at the Industrial area of Neve Dekalim, in all likelihood a petrol bomb ignited the flames.

In addition, Palestinian opened fire of live ammunition at an IDF patrol near Neve Dekalim, at an IDF position in the Katif region, and toward an IDF patrol which escorted a civilian vehicle in the area of the Jewish settlement of Morag. IDF soldiers responded with live fire at the source of the shooting.

Stones were thrown on two incidents at IDF convoys moving on the road leading to the Jewish settlement of Netzarim. In once case a petrol bomb was thrown at the convoy and the soldiers responded with demonstration dispersal measures.

About an hour ago, Palestinian youths threw empty bottles and firecrackers at an IDF position on the Israeli-Egyptian border.

Palestinian continue to throw stones from a Palestinian school ground toward an IDF position by the Jewish settlement of Kfar Darom. The IDF force responded with measures for demonstration dispersal.

The Palestinians continue to make cynical use of children by placing them at the front lines of the confrontations.