The West Bank

An Israeli civilian employed by the IDF was murdered this afternoon, shot dead when fire was opened at his vehicle, near the village of Otzrin, east of the Tapoah Junction in the region of Samaria. Two other passengers were in the vehicle at the time.

Following the shooting, the driver continued to the Tapoah Junction, where an IDF medical team attempted to revive the civilian, but did not succeed.

Another Israeli civilian was lightly wounded from a rock thrown at his vehicle, driving from Beit Horon in the direction of Modi’in

An IDF officer was lightly wounded this afternoon, from stones thrown at an IDF force at the Jewish settlement in Hebron. He was treated on site by an army medic and was evacuated for further treatment at a hospital.

An explosive charge was employed against a Gush Etzion regional municipality bus, north of Beit Anon Junction, located to the north of Hebron. No one as injured but the bus was damaged.

Palestinians opened fire at Israeli civilians and IDF force at the following sites:

Exchanges of fire took for nearly an hour at Ayosh Junction.
Palestinian snipers fired at IDF positions at Rachel’s Tomb. IDF forces fired tank shells at the sources of the fire. Earlier, shots were fired at the tomb, the source of fire was not identified and therfore IDF forces did not return fire.
Shots were fired toward the industrial area west of Tul Karem. An IDF force at the site returned fire toward the sources of the shooting.
Shots were fired at an Israeli vehicle east of Tul Karem. No one was injured bus the vehicle was damaged.
In two incidents, shots were fired at a Border Police base north of the Jerusalem. In one of these incidents, the policemen at the base returned fire.
Violent disturbances, which included throwing of stones and petrol bombs and burning of car tires occurred at the following sites:

In the area of the village of Al-Arub, south of Beit Lehem, the northern Shema’a Junction, the East Halhul Junction, Ayosh Junction, the entrance to the Kalandia refugee camp south of Ramallah, the Peirot block and the security road near Kalkillia, the village of Hares east of Ariel, near the Kaduri college east of Tul Karem, at the southern Jericho roadblock and at Al-Hadar Junction south of Jerusalem.

In some of the incidents the IDF is employing measures for crowd dispersal.

The Gaza Strip

Shots were fired this morning toward a convoy making its way to the community of Netzarim.
IDF forces returned fire toward the sources of the shooting.
Palestinian policemen wearing bullet proof vests fired at the community of Rafiah-Yam in the southern part of the Gush Katif region.
During the early afternoon, Palestinians fired live ammunition at IDF positions near the community of Neve Dekalim. In one incident an anti-tank missile was fired at an IDF position. IDF forces returned fire at the sources of the shooting and fired an anti-tank missile toward the location from which the Palestinian missile was fired.

In the last hours shots have been fired at the Southern Gaza Brigade HQ.