The West Bank

In the last hours, a series of shooting attacks took place across the West Bank:

– Two Israeli children were lightly wounded, when a petrol bomb hit the bus in which they were travelling near the Ramot roadblock. The two were evacuated to hospital for medical treatment.
– An explosive charge detonated tonight on the Gush Etzion underpass, near a bus, which at the time did not carry passengers. The bus driver was lightly wounded from the explosion.
– Shots were fired tonight at the community of Pesagot. No one was injured.
– Fire was opened this evening at the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem, from the village of Beit Jala. There were no casualties, IDF forces at the site returned fire toward the sources of the shooting.

In addition, shooting attacks took place at the following locations:
An IDF Base south of Jenin, an IDF position near Al-Hadar in the Beit Lehem area, near the village of Kalil south of Nablus, the IDF base at Shdema, the Brigade HQ in the area of Menashe and the court building in Beit El, near the community of Maon and toward a bus near Beit El.
There were no casualties. IDF forces returned fire in those cases when the sources of the shooting were positively identified.

Stones and petrol bombs were thrown at Israeli security forces in the Shallala street in Hebron, at the Zif Junction near Hebron, in Al-Arub north of Beit Lehem, in the area of Humash, and at the 250 Junction on the Jenin bypass road. There were no casualties in any of these incidents.

The Gaza Strip

This evening, there were exchanges of fire between IDF soldiers and Palestinians firing from the area of Khan Yunes.
Shots were also fired at the community of Dugit in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and toward the DCO, also in the northern part of the strip.
In all of the above incidents there were no casualties. IDF forces returned fire at the sources of the shooting.

Earlier today, fire was opened at an IDF position near Rafah.
No one was injured, IDF soldiers returned fire.

During the day, two IDF soldiers were killed in the Gaza Strip:

Lt. Eduard Metznik, 21 of Beer Sheva, was killed in an explosive charge detonation at the DCO in the Gush Katif region.
Sergeant Samar Hussein, 21 of Horfish, was killed from shots fired from PA territory, near the Erez cross-point. Another IDF soldier was critically wounded in the same incident.